News and Insights

March 29 2017 Article 50 has now been triggered. The UK’s exit from the EU is arguably the most significant constitutional development to affect the UK since 1945. It has so many aspects including economic, financial, legal, social, and cultural. The impact of Brexit will have a deep and far reaching effect on the immediate future and for many years to come. More to follow.
March 2017 Likely date for trigger of Article 50 and breakaway from the EU is March 16.
February 2017 Immigration - Supreme Court rules that income rules and the minimum income threshold of £18,600 is legal. The additional requirement of £22,400 for couples with a child, and £2,400 per additional dependent, is also legal, in principal, although the Home Office must now take into account the interests of the children as well as any alternative sources of income, not just salaries and beenfits .
January 2017 Immigration - Brexit negotiations underway. Updates to follow in regard to potential EU developments.
November 2016 Immigration - Change to IELTS requirements. Now changed from level A1 to level A2.
November 2016 Immigration - Change made to Tier 2 Applications. Salary thresholds increased, and graduate places per year increased. Intra company skills transfer category also closed.
November 2016 Immigration - Changes to salary threshold for Tier 2 general to come into force in April 2017. Will rise to £30,000. There will be no transitional arrangements for applicants between 24 November 2016 and April 2017.